Process advantages

Maximum path [X–Y–Z] 6000-915-715 mm
Maximum electrical power 75 kW (40% ED)
Maximum spindle speed 20.000 rpm
Maximum torque 280 Nm
Chip-to-chip time starting from 2.9 s
Maximum axis acceleration [X–Y–Z] 0,5 g
Rapid feed as fast as 60 m/min
Max. milling capacity in St 60 700 cm³ / min
Max. number of tools 163
Tool taper SK 40 / HSK 63
Maximum tool weight 8 kg
Maximum tool diameter 160 mm
Maximum tool length 370 mm

The CHIRON MILL series offers optimal conditions for highly productive cutting and accurate machining capabilities. One of the machines many unique strengths is its high milling capacity, while offering stability, reliability and little maintenance. CHIRON’s wide range of versatile options allow us to customize the machines to adapt to the configuration to meet your application needs.

Your advantage: Large work-pieces, high milling capacity and power.

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  • High Speed package
  • Technology package „Milling & Turning from bars“
  • Various index table types
  • CHIRON Laser Control
  • Different 3D tracing systems
  • Work area mist collection
  • Connection for central mist collection
  • Oil package
  • Machining with minimal lubrication
  • Tool measurement and management
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic for clamping devices
  • Automatic doors
  • Different Automation solutions (FLEXCELL UNO, FLEXCELL DUO)

  • Vertical traveling column principle
  • Long travel with compact external machine dimensions
  • Sturdy machine bed with integrated coolant and chip removal
  • High rigidity and thermal stability
  • Motor spindles with water cooling
  • Precision glass scales on all axes
  • Dynamic direct drives and precision guides
  • Robust CHIRON rotary axes
  • Fully enclosed work area, stainless steel covers
  • Smooth, steep walls for ideal chip flow
  • Ergonomic operating and loading concept
  • Service friendly access to all auxiliary units
  • Foundation-free set-up
  • High durability, low maintenance