Multi-spindle machining

Manufacture 40% faster

CHIRON twin-spindle machining centers are setting productivity records. The simple formula is: twice the number of work-pieces in the same amount of time. With two high-performance spindles, several work-pieces can be completely machined at the same time on up to 5 sides in one set-up. Innovative machine ideas, like the CHIRON 2-spindle machine, in conjunction with high-performance tools fine-tuned to the machining task, significantly reduce the time per piece. For example, 4 clamped work-pieces can mean piece cost savings of up to 40%!

Faster chip making, highly productive machining and extremely short floor-to-floor times are CHIRON's fundamental goals. Furthermore, our efforts are concentrated on higher machine availability and process improvements - for increasing your profit.

Examples for multi-spindle machining

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